Wellness Visit FAQ

What is the goal of HeathVisit?

HeathVisit is all about care of your loved ones and how you feel about the care they are receiving. When you have more information about the care received, you know that you are doing all you can to ensure loved ones are getting the best care possible.

In short, we are the second set of eyes for your loved one while they are in the healthcare facility setting. We believe that our partnership will help elevate the level of care that your loved one receives while in a facility.

When can I contact HeathVisit?

HeathVisit can be contacted at any time by calling (317) 350-3426 or contact us online now. Remember that HeathVisit can only see patients during normal business hours for each facility.

What facilities does HeathVisit go to?

HeathVisit will visit healthcare facilities within a 30 mile radius of Indianapolis.

How soon can I expect a Patient Report with findings?

HeathVisit can immediately upload a report and send it to you via email, or if you prefer we can call you directly after each visit. If applicable, we will deliver the report to you (if you do not have an email address).

Who follows up with the healthcare facility if patient findings are negative or not up to the client’s standards?

The person requesting the report follows up with the healthcare facility to take corrective action. HeathVisit merely reports what they see at the time of the visit. HeathVisit cannot assess the patient’s medical condition, but can report what they objectively see and witness during the visit.

When am I invoiced?

Customers will be invoiced upon completion of services rendered.